another unknown poem

12:46 PM 6/25/2004


So, at night you go to bed,

Just like that, you fall asleep,

Without feeling any regret,

Never do you even weep,

No pitty enters your heart,

It’s a scribbled and forgotten sheet.

And the you I got to know is not like this,

You wouldn’t hurt anyone, not even your worst enemy,

And it’s you grr, that I now miss,

Cause you took me for me, You saw in me what I couldn’t see.

When I told you that I thought I’d fail you,

You consoled me and said that this will never be,

That You’ll be there for me and I for you,

And that one day we’ll be free.

You gave me strength when I was in doubt,

You gave me a reason to live,

Cause you reached out,

You showed me that I’m still able to give.


still Incompleted

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