in cold blood

9:01 AM 6/25/2004


In cold blood


So, she’s writing exams,

Not giving a damn,

Not thinking at all about us,

Not wishing to see me ever again,

To hold me,

To assure me,

To give me a reason to be.

Just so,

Just like that,

She hates me,

Deplores me,

Kills me,

Thrashing in her mind,

Struggling to keep my head under the water.

She’s laughing;

She tighed me to a wrope,

I’m hanging down from her castle wall,

I’m dangling by her command.

I’m upside-down.

My face in the water.

Then she lifts me up,

Just enough to gasp for air;

Just enough to let my burning lungs taste the sweet air.

Then she laughs!

A shrill, mocking, dark laugh;

And she let’s my face go back down under the water.

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