In cold blood – v2


You held me,

To your heart,

And promised not to ever leave me,

Not to hurt me.

In your own words

You said,

That you do not have much to give

But your love.

That’s Ok,

it was; and it’ll always be,

Cause you’re just you,

That’s how you look to me.

Then, while stroking my face gently,

You slashed at my heart;

The blood gushed freely,

And you tore my soul apart.

With swiftness and precision

Did you cut my lifeline;

It was your dicition,

No choice of mine!

Still dazed,

Still not believing,

Unwilling to accept,

What I’ve been receiving.

How is It?

That a person so kind,

Did what you did,

And not look behind?

Still holding on,

Saying that I don’t know you,

That I should have never came along,

That I only made you blue.

When I asked you why God made us meet,

You said it was to teach you,

That this world is full of deceit,

That I’m fucked-up, and by being fucked-up, I warned you.

God warned you about evil beings like me,

Who’s been cursed by not being able to see.

Who’s been pushed away by his own family,

Not capable to be!

So, I’m a stone,

A blot of nothingness,

Something yuckie, that should be left alone,

A disgusting emptiness.

Yet, you found in me,

Hope, peace and love,

Acceptance, unconditional security,

Not only from me, but from above….

So, all this you’ll throw away,

Just because you don’t know,

You’ll listen to what others say.

And just forgo.

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