11:58 AM 6/25/2004



It crawls inside me,

It eats me from inside,

It won’t let me free,

It won’t let me hide.

It’s there everyday,

Waiting to pounce,

Destroying all hope of happiness,

Ounce by ounce.

And you’re looking, snarling, happy,

At how the yellow pus flows,

Poaking at it, though it’s icky,

It’s hurting, but you know.

A mask of contempt do you where on your face,

Ready to inflict more pain on me,

Don’t know how much more I can brace,

I’m just a baby!

Flat on the ground do I lay,

Naked, wounded, lost, hungry and sore;

But, you won’t budge, won’t sway,

Cause you want me to hurt some more!

Gently do you stroke the blade,

Blood still dripping from your hands,

You’re happy, your day has been made,

NoMore demands——-

You’ve destroyed me,

Broken my trust,

Now I see,

That I’m done, — so I may return to dust.

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