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The Facebook song

This video really sums up some of the frustration and angst that comes with being part of the social network in a clever and creative acoustic song (that’s actually really good). Give it a quick listen. The insightful and soulful video was done by Australian singer Madelaine Zammit. Thanks to the guys at for […]

New MBR rootkit infection thwarts repair efforts – By Paul Mah

Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) is warning Windows users of new malware that embeds itself into the Master Boot Record. Called Win32/Popureb.E, it makes use of an unusual rootkit technique to thwart standard recovery attempts. MBR infections were common in the past, and entail the hiding of malware in the first sector of the hard disk drive […]

Which antivirus should I get?

This is a question that I get on almost a daily basis. The age old question of (which one is the best). Honestly? I dont think that there is one, absolutely amazing and (final answer to all problems) program that can claim that it is the best. Having said that, there are bad choices and […]

Dictionaries, looking up and referencing

From time to time, I sometimes wonder about words and the meaning or, let just say, exact meaning of a word; just so that I’m sure that I am not misunderstanding what I’m reading. My wife is also still submitting work and so, I have a list of friends that I run to for quick […]