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1 Million Dead in Iraq? 6 Reasons the Media Hide the True Human Toll of War — And Why We Let Them

Most Americans turn a blind eye to the violent acts being carried out in their name. By John Tirman Originally published on July 20, 2011 As the U.S. war in Iraq winds down, we are entering a familiar phase, the season of forgetting—forgetting the harsh realities of the war. Mostly we forget the victims of […]

The CIA, the Libyan Rebellion, and the President By David Bromwich

Originally published on March 31, 2011 "Huffington Post" – – One of Barack Obama’s first acts as president was to say that Guantanamo must go. It did not go. Soon after, he said that the Israeli settlements must go. They expanded. Obama made his peace in the end with Guantanamo and the Israeli settlements. He […]

Get a mirror

Originally published on 13 January, 2010. This is what the State Department’s Web site says about what is commonly called the “terrorist list”: “Countries determined by the Secretary of State to have repeatedly provided support for acts of international terrorism are designated pursuant to three laws: section 6(j) of the Export Administration Act, section 40 […]

Libya and the era of imperialist reconquest By Fred Goldstein

Originally published on 24 March, 2011. However the rebellion in Libya began, it was both inevitable and entirely predictable that it would quickly become an opening for imperialist intervention and counterrevolution in the oil-rich North African country. The fact that the “rebellion” received sympathetic, screaming headlines, ferociously hostile to the government of Moammar Gadhafi from […]