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The Worst Case: What If the Water Ran Dry in the Japanese Reactors? by Eli Kintisch and Adrian Cho

What if cooling in one or more of the reactors at the Fukushima nuclear plant were lost? Richard Lester, chair of the department of nuclear science and engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, emphasizes the “very, very” unlikely possibility of that scenario. But if it were to occur, the inherent heat […]

Video footage of the Distruction of the port city of Kesennuma by the tsunami that hit Japan this past Friday.

Amateur footage demonstrates the frightening speed with which Friday’s tsunami destroyed the city of Kesennuma, Japan. At first a trickle of water creeps down a street. The stream quickly becomes a torrent as the 33ft-tsunami triggered by Japan’s strongest ever earthquake sweeps into the city. Sirens wail as cars and debris are swept down the […]

Japan tsunami and earthquake – live coverage

• Explosion reported at nuclear plant
• Death toll said to be more than 1,300
• Tsunami engulfs northern port of Sendai and islands
• Around 50,000 rescuers have been deployed

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Fukushima nuclear plant blast puts Japan on high alert

• Warnings of possible meltdown amid radiation leaks
• Tens of thousands evacuated after plant explosion
• Up to 1,300 killed in earthquake and tsunami

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