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Metallica Lyrics Album Ride The Lightning, song, Trapped Under Ice

**** Artist Metallica Lyrics   Album   Ride The Lightning Title Trapped Under Ice   Song Lyrics I don’t know how to live trough this hell Woken up, I’m still locked in this shell Frozen soul, frozen down to the core Break the ice, I can’t take anymore Freezing Can’t move at all Screaming Can’t […]

Always On The Outside – Common Children – Lyrics

**** Come back Come on tell me you’ll be coming back Cause I know Summer’s got us dusty from the road But it’s high time we sail around And celebrate the breaking of the clouds And it’s a fine wine to pass around Even so it sometimes gets you down I search for words to […]

Absence Of Light – Common Children – Lyrics

**** For maybe just a second The sun was in your eyes It flickered like a spark From the fire that burns inside You were broken by the darkness By the silence of the night Searching for a shelter From the cold absence of light Going on and on And on and on you go […]

Broken Smile – Common Children – Lyrics

**** Remember the hidden treasure That we find in our lives Like all our favorite flowers Beauty lives and it dies We wait for what this life will bring We hope to find what we really need Lives get broken left just hoping Within us all freedom wants to sing We want to sing We […]