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South Africa gets an E for Equality

CFCR Originally published on 20 March 2011 Centre publishes third annual report card for human rights CENTRE FOR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS HUMAN RIGHTS REPORT CARD The Centre for Constitutional Rights takes pleasure in presenting its third annual Human Rights Report Card indicating where, in our opinion, South Africa has been making progress with regard to human […]

Radio advert offends pro-Israel listeners by ILHAM RAWOOT

The poor Israelis. Shame, it’s as if the entire world is turning against the poor occupation thugs. The poor NAZIS. I feel for them. Originally published on – Feb 14 2011 12:13 GMT National radio station 5FM set the cat among the pigeons by flighting an advertisement, featuring a top visiting musician, that promoted the […]

Activists highlight links between Ben Gurion, military by ILHAM RAWOOT

Poor Israel, the poor victim, as always. What a sad state of affairs. Those nasty and bad South Africans! Originally published on – Mar 17 2011 15:02 GMT Activists campaigning for the University of Johannesburg (UJ) to cut ties with Israel’s Ben Gurion University have compiled a report on the latter’s links with the Israeli […]

Social grants should not become “political bribes” by Dr. Conrad Beyers

The Freedom Front Plus said that it is critically important that poverty in South Africa should be fought but warned that the perception is beginning to form that the ANC is abusing social grants in an attempt to retain political power. It follows comments by preeminent South Africans in which serious criticism was raised about […]