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Libya : Tripoli Kadhafi Speech [01-07-2011] ???? ???? ???? ??????

A Historic Day : A flag to a length of 4500 meters worthy of the Guinness Book of Records. Over a million and a half Gaddafi demonstrators pro , and anti nato. And a great speech of brother Muammar Gaddafi. ????? ??????? ?? ???? ????? ??????…???? ???? ???? ?????? It is clear that the western […]

This is Libya: On-the-ground scenes from Tripoli, July 2011

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Gaddafi ‘s Defiant Drive as NATO Bombs Tripoli ..!!

Uploaded to youtube on 16 April, 2011. Come on you western christian pigs, see what your leaders are doing in your name! Gaddafi ‘s Defiant Drive as NATO Bombs Tripoli Colonial reconquest the aim Backed by U.S. imperialism, the ruling classes of Italy, France and Britain, all former colonial masters in Libya, are seeking to […]

Watch: israeli NAZI pig Points Loaded Gun at Unarmed Palestinian civilian human

YouTube video uploaded by B’Tselem shows an IDF officer cocking his gun and pointing it at a Palestinian man. According to B’Tselem, a human rights organization that uploaded the video, on June 18 IDF forces came to arrest a youth from the village for allegedly throwing stones when his cousin stopped the IDF officer to […]