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In cold blood – v2

**** You held me, To your heart, And promised not to ever leave me, Not to hurt me. In your own words You said, That you do not have much to give But your love. That’s Ok, it was; and it’ll always be, Cause you’re just you, That’s how you look to me. Then, while […]

in cold blood

9:01 AM 6/25/2004 **** In cold blood **** So, she’s writing exams, Not giving a damn, Not thinking at all about us, Not wishing to see me ever again, To hold me, To assure me, To give me a reason to be. Just so, Just like that, She hates me, Deplores me, Kills me, Thrashing […]

Poem – Upsidedown – incomplete

I’m hurting, I’m crying; I’m helpless, I’m dying. If I could but be with you, If you could hear me out, If you’d allow me to love you, God Will pull us through, you’ll see. But, easier it is to run away, It’s better to hurt me, It’s easier for you to say, And push […]

Invitation to all : Do you have a poem…..

06/19/04 2:08 pm Hi Does any of you have something that you’ve written that you feel you’d like to share with the world? A short story, poem, or just anything? Please submit them by sending it to grr@here.is. Or, well, submit them here if you feel that your privacy might be at risk. Thanks. ****