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another unknown poem

12:46 PM 6/25/2004 ******** So, at night you go to bed, Just like that, you fall asleep, Without feeling any regret, Never do you even weep, No pitty enters your heart, It’s a scribbled and forgotten sheet. And the you I got to know is not like this, You wouldn’t hurt anyone, not even your […]

unnamed poem

******** 12:38 PM 6/25/2004 ******** So, what good am I If I don’t have you? Where do I go? What do I do? I don’t know! I existed without you for so long, But, when I met you, I lived truly. Is loving you so wrong? Is it a sin to have the need to […]


***** 11:58 AM 6/25/2004 pain **** It crawls inside me, It eats me from inside, It won’t let me free, It won’t let me hide. It’s there everyday, Waiting to pounce, Destroying all hope of happiness, Ounce by ounce. And you’re looking, snarling, happy, At how the yellow pus flows, Poaking at it, though it’s […]

In cold blood – v2

**** You held me, To your heart, And promised not to ever leave me, Not to hurt me. In your own words You said, That you do not have much to give But your love. That’s Ok, it was; and it’ll always be, Cause you’re just you, That’s how you look to me. Then, while […]