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Fukushima nuclear plant blast puts Japan on high alert

• Warnings of possible meltdown amid radiation leaks
• Tens of thousands evacuated after plant explosion
• Up to 1,300 killed in earthquake and tsunami

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Japan battles to stave off possible nuclear meltdown

Japanese media say officials have detected caesium, one of the elements released when overheating causes core damage, around the reactor at Fukushima No 1 plant in Futuba

Japan tsunami and earthquake – live coverage

ISPs to outline stance on net neutrality

British internet service providers to explain ‘two-speed internet’ policies at summit on net neutriality

Community site or just kwagga?

Righty, so now I have finally decided to keep kwagga.com somewhat tidy. However, I have a question that I’d like some of you to help me answer. Do I keep kwagga.com as a personal web site, sharing goodies, having a small forum, blog, the usual collection of links and stuff or, do I make it […]