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The 5 Places of Miqat by E-Da`wah Committee (EDC)

Miqat is a place at a distance outside Makkah, which pilgrims must not cross before they are in a state of Ihram if they intend to enter Al-Masjid Al-Haram for Hajj or `Umrah.

Pilgrims go to different Miqats according to their different places around the world from which they head.

1- Zulhulaifah (Abyar `Ali Mosque)

It is almost 10 kilometers from Madinah, in the direction toward Makkah, and about 450 kilometers from Makkah. It is the miqat for those who live in Madinah and for those who approach Makkah from that direction.

So if your Hajj/`Umrah trip starts with visiting Madinah, no matter where you’re from, your Ihram starts from this miqat.

2- Zat `Irq

This miqat is about 94 kilometers towards the northeast side of Makkah. This is the miqat for the people of Iraq, Iran, and beyond.

3- Qarn Al-Manazil

It is a hilly place about 94 kilometers to the east of Makkah.

This is the miqat for the people of Najd, Kuwait and for those flying through the air space of that direction and those coming from Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei and the surrounding areas.

4- Al-Juhfah

It is about 190 kilometers to the northwest of Makkah. This is the miqat for the people who come from the direction of Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Morocco, Spain and other countries from that direction.

5- Yalamlam

This one is a hilly area about 50 kilometers to the southeast of Makkah.

This is the miqat for the people of Yemen and others coming from that direction including the pilgrims from China, Japan, India, Pakistan, Malaysia who come by ship.

Source: E-Da`wah Committee

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Acts of Worship New Muslims

A Documentary on Zamzam Water!

This is a documentary on the blessed Well of Zamzam. It reminds us about the story of Hajar, the wife of Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him), and her baby child Ishmael (peace be upon him). Hajar (peace be upon her) was alone in the desert with her child Ishmael (peace be upon him), who was about to die out of thirst. She, then, walked seven times between the two Mounts of Safa and Marwah in the hope that she would find water. At last, the archangel Gabriel (peace be upon him) came and struck the earth with his heel or wing. The water issued forth.

Every Muslim, whether performing Hajj and ‘Umrah or not, is recommended to drink from the the blessed water of Zamzam. Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and grant him peace) described the water as being a blessing and food that satisfies.

In this video, you will know more about this blessed water; pumping, drawing, distribution, etc.

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