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Insulting the Prophet: Is It Freedom of Speech?

Is insulting back those who insulted our Prophet the way to measure and show how you love for him? To know how a Muslim should react to insults concerning any prophet look back at the life of all the Prophets; what they went through and how they reacted.

As some people intend to insult our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) be confident that such individuals know nothing about neither Muhammad nor any other prophet of God. Looking critically at the life of all the Prophets (peace be upon them), from Moses and Jesus to Muhammad, we would see that all of them had experienced all kinds of physical and verbal abuse from people of their times. The question is: how did they respond to such unbearable insults?

Back to our time, why do some people intend to insult Prophet Muhammad? What do they want?

To people who insult our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), how should a Muslim react?  And when it comes to explicit provocation should we stand silent or respond at all? Is it through insulting back you measure your love for the prophet? Is it a debate on freedom of speech?

Listen to these wise voices of fellow Muslims; how they perceive such debate and, accordingly, respond to such things:


By Hanif Kruger

BIO for Hanif Kruger

Hanif is the manager at the Assistive Technology Centre of the South African National Council for the Blind with more than 30 years of experience in the assistive technology and IT fields. Hanif’s passion is assistive technology and advocating for key issues affecting people with disabilities and more specifically the blind and vision impaired. He shares his love for Assistive Technologies through sharing information through his work and via social media and relevant events in order to spread the knowledge and awareness around new technologies and the challenges relating to AT for PWDs. A strong believer in the rights of persons with disabilities and the philosophy of “nothing about us without us”, he regularly push for the affordability and accessability of AT and matching the correct assistive technology solutions with a person in order for them to reach their full capacity. Hanif enjoys a good Netflix and Apple TV+ binge but can also be found walking both his guide dogs looking for cookies .

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