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Last Ten Days of Ramadan

Last Ten Days of Ramadan & Zakat al-Fitr

By Editorial Staff

Last Ten Days of Ramadan

Ramadan is fast coming to an end and here are the most blessed, most precious and most rewarding days of the Holy Month.

After almost twenty days of fasting, devoted worship, prayer, reading the Qur’an, and spiritual reflection comes the jewel in the crown of the spiritually-charged glorious month.

It is during this time the closeness to Allah approaches its peak with deep devotion, purposeful  `ibadah (acts of worship), most heart-felt prayers and supplications.

The special status and blessings of the last ten days of Ramadan are manifested in both the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

“When the last ten days of Ramadan began, the Prophet would tighten his waist-wrapper (meaning he would stay away from marital relations), spend his nights in prayer, and wake his family.” (Muslim)

And the more intensive effort we exert during this time the greater rewards we reap.

So what is special about these days; why are they that blessed? What was the Prophet’s practices during these days? How do we come out of Ramadan refreshed mentally, spiritually and physically?

How can we focus on our relationship with God, feel His closeness, achieve His abundant  rewards through the last ten days of Ramadan?

Here we will focus on these issues.

E-Books on Zakah

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All About Zakat al-Fitr

Every Muslim is required to pay Zakat al-Fitr at the conclusion of the month of Ramadan as a token of thankfulness to God for having enabled him to observe fasts. Its purpose is to purify those who fast from any indecent act or speech and to help the poor and needy.


By Hanif Kruger

BIO for Hanif Kruger

Hanif is the manager at the Assistive Technology Centre of the South African National Council for the Blind with more than 30 years of experience in the assistive technology and IT fields. Hanif’s passion is assistive technology and advocating for key issues affecting people with disabilities and more specifically the blind and vision impaired. He shares his love for Assistive Technologies through sharing information through his work and via social media and relevant events in order to spread the knowledge and awareness around new technologies and the challenges relating to AT for PWDs. A strong believer in the rights of persons with disabilities and the philosophy of “nothing about us without us”, he regularly push for the affordability and accessability of AT and matching the correct assistive technology solutions with a person in order for them to reach their full capacity. Hanif enjoys a good Netflix and Apple TV+ binge but can also be found walking both his guide dogs looking for cookies .

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