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Mother of Former Actress Shila Lama Embraces Islam on `Eid Al-Adha

“If it was not today, then when will I ever convert to Islam?” asked Mother of Former Actress Shila Lama.

Shila Lama

Shila Lama

KUALA LUMPUR: Wong Lan Eng, 74, could not have chosen a more opportune moment than `Eid Al-Adha to embrace Islam.

“If it was not today, then when will I ever convert to Islam?” asked the former Buddhist at the `Eid Al-Adha korban (ritual slaughter) ceremony organised for Muslim converts here Monday.

The mother of former actress and model Shila Lama Abdullah of the 80s fame converted to Islam with the guidance of her son Muhamad Johan Haiqal Abdullah, 37, and witnessed by Ustaz Kamarudin Abdullah.

Wong decided to become a Muslim upon seeing how her three children have been good Muslims since they embraced the religion.

“Although my children and grandchildren are Muslims, they still have respect for me. That’s the main reason why I chose to embrace Islam as well,” she told Bernama.

Saifuddin Abdullah, 45, who was attending an `Eid Al-Adha ceremony for the first time, said he was excited as he got to experience the true meaning of sacrifice as a Muslim.

Saifuddin, a private company employee from Kuala Lumpur, could not celebrate `Eid Al-Adha previously due to the nature of his job and working hours.

“Although I embraced Islam 20 years ago, this is the first time I am able to celebrate `Eid Al-Adha,” said the father of three.

Independent Islamic preacher Ustaz Danial Hafizan Christopher, 40, said he hoped that the ceremony would serve as a platform for new converts to learn more about the teachings of Islam.

Danial Hafizan, who is Muallaf Network Association manager, said he was always prepared to help new converts.

“This association is active in the country and helps new Muslim converts so that they do not feel marginalised after embracing Islam,” he said. – Bernama




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