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New England Patriots’ Dominique Easley Converts to Islam

“I’ve been lost for 22 years. Today I’ve found my guidance to paradise,” this is how Easley announced his conversion to Islam.

“Many things happened in my life, and I’ve been lost for 22 yrs. Today I’ve found my guidance to paradise. #AllahuAkbar.”

This is how the American footballer Dominique Easley announced his reversion to Islam a few days ago on social networks, joining the company of modern Muslim athletes in the NFL.

The New England Patriots’ tweet a few days ago has drawn massive praise and messages of support on social media.

His Twitter post has been retweeted more than 5,902 times and generated hundreds of comments since its release.

“@DominiqueEasley Alhamdullilah! May Allah make this journey a beautiful one, may He add more blessings into your life and grant you Jannah,” a twitter user commented on Easley’s post.

“All my respect brother! May Allah bless you inshaAllah!” another one wrote.

Mass Welcome

The Patriots’ defense interior player shared his reversion to Islam on Instagram too, attracting more than 1,200 likes and dozens of encouraging comments.

He posted a photo for him with three men dressed like Muslims at a mosque.

“Welcome to Islam Alhamdulillah…” one Instagram user wrote.

“SalaamAlaykum, may Allah accept it from you and may He keep you steadfast,” another one wrote.

“Alhamdulellah you’ve found your way, pray for your loved ones to find theirs too ❤️”

“Prayers for you from your brothers and sisters in Pakistan.”

“My brother Salamalikum. may Allah protect you and guide you. And all of us, Im a convert 2 years now Alhamdulillah.”

“Congratulations on finding your peace, and welcome to a very big family lots of love and prayers for Ya!!” a fan posted.

“Congratulations bro welcome to Islam. Allah bless you.”

American Muslim

Born in April 1992, Dominique Easley has signed a four-year-deal with the New England Patriots in 2014. The contract is believed to worth $7.3 million.

The 6-foot-2, 288-pound versatile defensive lineman was drafted No. 29 overall out of Florida, where he stared 26 games in four seasons.

The population of the US Muslims is estimated between 6-8 million.


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