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British Police Officer: Islam Is the Defining Point in My Life

Daniel wasn’t thinking of becoming Muslim. How Did this British police officer find Islam? How did he learn about the true religion? And what did he find?

Here’s his story in his own words…

That was the first time it really affected me. When it started I just couldn’t stop crying, to be honest. When I was in sujud (prostration) I felt the closest to Allah. You can’t get any closer. So you really feel it then. It was the first sujud I made in my life.

My name is Daniel Binichi. I’m Muslim now for eight years. I was born in the UK, and I’m now 26 years of age. I studied in the city of Bath, and I went to Catholic schools all my life.

I lived in Bath since the age of 13. So I spent all my teenage life here. But luckily for myself the friends who I surrounded myself with weren’t bad. And all that filled my mind was football, going to the park and friends. So it wasn’t that bad.

Before Islam I was a Christian but not a practicing one.

I went to church once or twice a year for Christmas and Easter. And even these visits were just to be with my family. It wasn’t for something specific.

Actually when I was teenager I didn’t have any aims or any goals to be honest. I felt, at that time, what is the point of having any aims or goals! Because life was just for enjoyment.

Daniel knew Islam through his colleagues in college in Brussels. And before that he didn’t know anything about the religion. His close relationships with his Muslim colleagues made him read about Islam. And unfortunately, when he learned about Islam he found how all his very friends weren’t in fact non-practicing Muslims.

At that point he wasn’t thinking of becoming Muslim. He found himself getting attached to the religion and its practices and teachings…

How did Daniel find his feet in Islam- the true religion? And what did he find? Why did he choose that route rather than any other?

In this very touching informative and heartening conversation Daniel tells Shaikh Fahad Al-Kandari how he converted to Islam and how his life is now after eight years as Muslim….


Source: MercifulServant YouTube Channel