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The Love of Dunya, Earthly Life: A Disease and the Cure for It

By Editorial Staff

One of the most important reasons why Allah created man is to worship Him alone. Thus, the life of this world is a test. A lot of people are heedless of this reality. They cling to the enjoyment of this life and forget about the Hereafter.

Because of heedlessness, people think that they will never die although death is certain. This, in turn, leads to not preparing for the Hereafter.

Allah describes the life of this world as nothing but the mere enjoyment of a delusion. So, how and why do so many people prefer the temporary life of this world to the eternal life of the Hereafter?

In the following video, Yasmin Mogahed explains a part of the aya 20, chapter 57, Al-Hadid. Allah says,


iʿ’lamū annamā l-ḥayatu l-dun’yā laʿibun wa lahwun wa zīnatun wa tafākhurun baynakum wa takāthurun fī l-amwāli wa l-awlādi kamathali ghaythin aʿjaba l-kufāra nabātuhu thumma yahīju fatarāhu muṣ’farran thumma yakūnu ḥuṭāman wa fī l-ākhirati ʿadhābun shadīdun wa maghfiratun mina l-lahi wa riḍ’wānun wamā l-ḥayatu l-dun’yā illā matāʿu l-ghurūr.

Know that the life of this world is but play and amusement, and (sheer) adornment, and a cause for boasting among yourselves, and (an arena of) vying in wealth and (in) children. Its parable is (that of) a (nourishing) rainfall, the herbage from which pleases the tillers of soil. But then it dries up, so that you see it turning yellow. Then it becomes crumbling stubble. (Even) so shall there be in the Hereafter severe torment, as well as the forgiveness of God and (His good) pleasure. For the life of this world is nothing but the (mere) enjoyment of a delusion. (Quran 57:20)